Sand and stone waiting to be something

October 28, 2017

I'm delighted to have been shortlisted for the Evening Standard's contemporary art prize for my painting Sand and Stone Waiting to be Something, Pudding Mill Lane.

Sand and stone waiting to be something, Pudding Mill Lane (oil on canvas, 20x25cm), 2017


​Earlier this summer, walking along a quiet edge of Queen Elizabeth Park, I came across an expanse of land made up of piles of stone, sand and soil. From what I could make out, this is an open-air store for the material that feeds the many surrounding building sites. I was drawn to the forms that make up this self-contained and temporary landscape and have returned regularly, resulting in a series of paintings and drawings.


The site is wrapped by a horizon which maps the past, present and future of London – the industrial buildings in Bow, shiny skyscrapers in the distance, the Olympic site behind, and new developments in and around Stratford. There are invisible layers of history here too, none of old Pudding Mill Lane remains and the river it's named after now lies under the Olympic Stadium. While this is the setting for this series, I wanted the raw materials that are waiting to play their role in this city, to be at its centre.



 Stone and earth (oil on canvas board, 15x20cm), 2017 


Stone and earth 2 (oil on canvas board, 15x20cm), 2017 




Studies, 2017



 Earth and stone waiting to be something (oil on canvas board, 15x20cm), 2017 




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